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This is probably the best travel photography camera ever. Way less expensive than a similar size and weight 4x5 inch like a Super Technika. Using roll film and ease in setting up make it much more practical for run and gun travelling. At the time I was trying to decide on a medium format camera. I wanted to take my photography to the next level, already having shot a lot with some quality 35mm gear. I wanted mirror lockup, interchangeable film backs and lenses, 6x7cm format, sharp lenses, and dirt cheap. The RB (revolving back) is basically the only camera that offers all these traits. Being all mechanical and metal, it is known for being extremely robust and reliable. You can put together a well stocked arsenal of RB gear for about $500 or so. This is the exact gear that I took with me to Europe, every single piece of the system is here.

Mamiya RB67 Pro S


Film Backs

Other Important Stuff

It all fits in here: