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The digital camera has been doing more or less the same thing for the past 10 years or so, making it a lot easier and faster to photograph. Digital is great for snapping pictures of hand written notes, printed materials. I find it to be great for scouting locations. Also, digital cameras are indispensible for learning quickly and being able to experiment, getting feedback right away. You can get a great overall sense of photography. I currently use a Fuji S1 Pro. I had a S3 Pro for a year or so but I am less liquid now so I downgraded. Essentially, it is the same camera but costs $150 instead of $800. Fuji cameras are slow, and have thier quirks. However, they do a fantastic job of producing pictures that look filmlike. It has been stated and I believe that they have the best jpeg "engine" of any digital camera I have used. I always shoot jpegs and they come out of the camera looking great in color or black and white with little or no tweaking afterwords. The black and white is not just a simple conversion from color, the camera actually thinks differently and can produce stunning B+W images with surprisingly subtle mid tones or hard edged contrast, depending on the settings. If there ever was a digital camera with a cult following, it is the S1, S2, S3, and soon to come S5 Pro's. Alas, no one was ever called a genius for streamlining his workflow. Genius often rears its balding head when you must slow down and take your time.