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I put together a 4x5 system based around a cambo monorail. These pictures were taken with the cambo and 90mm and 210mm angulons. I liked using the polaroid backs for this camera. It is neet to have a 4x5 print right after taking the shot. Whats more, there exists polaroid film that gives you a print and a negative of the same shot. So you get the print and still have the negative if you want to tinker in the darkroom later, or scan it. Here is a thought: Get a cheapo 8x10 inch monorail like the bigger version of this cambo, a polaroid back, lens, 8x10 polaroid processing roller thingy and you can shoot and have an 8x10 print in a minute. Yes... easier said than done, but certainly possible. It's the "8x10 print in under a minute with no batteries" trick. You could outfit this idea, film and all for under $500 and a month to get the gear in. Mind you, not through your local camera retailer, but a popular online auction site.